International Maritime Organization(IMO) first introduced NOx regulations in 2000. In 2016, a more stringent Tier III regulation was implemented(~80% NOx emission reduction compared with Tier I). To comply with the regulation, it is foreseen the number of marine vessels with SCR system will rise, and hence, the consumption amount of AUS40 will increase.

What is AUS40?

An aqueous solution with 40% technical grade urea in pure water, which used in the SCR(Selective Catalytic Reduction) system of marine/power plant applications
A product that decomposes NOx into nitrogen and water to reduce air pollution while maximizing fuel efficiency.

Bluetech AUS40 Solutions

As AUS40 is applied on heavy duty machine, huge amount will be needed at once.

Below large packaging is recommended.

1,000 Litres (IBC) -
For Easy Storage & High Mobility

IBC, a 1,000-litre bulk container, is best fit for small operators who would like to have a bulk support of Bluetech AUS40 on site. Its design with pump and dispensing hose offers an expedient solution to our clients.

20,000 - 21,000 Litres (Flexitanks)
- For higher volume delivery

Flexitank delivers higher volumes of liquid can be shipped at one time which fits large AUS40 refilling volume, such as vessel.

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