Q: What are the legislations for the emission standard?

A: In Europe,the first legislation Euro I was introduced in 1993 to control the amount of pollutants emitted from the diesel engine. Over the years, European Commission and the industry have continuously worked on air quality improvement.Euro IV and Euro V was introduced in October 2005 and October 2008 respectively. And all new trucks and buses registered from 1 January 2014 must be complied with the latest regulation Euro VI European exhaust emission regulations.


In the USA, the Clean Air Act is the law which requires the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to improve the air quality. Effective as of 1st January 2010, the NOx emission limit is set to be at 0.3 g/KWh.


In Asia Pacific markets, such as Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore, they are following the European emission standards Euro V, and with an expectation on continuously reducing NOx with the introduction of Euro VI vehicles into the Asian market.

In China, National Standard IV, V and VI are the legislation used to control the pollutants allowed for heavy duty vehicles. For National Standard VI, it is required to limit NOx emission to 3.5g/kWH and Beijing has started compiling to this standard since 2008.

Q: What are Euro IV, Euro V and Euro VI?

A: European Commission introduced legislation to control level of NOx and Particulate Matter (PM) such as unburnt hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO).

The emission limits for NOx under Euro IV and Euro V are 3.5g/KWh and 2.0g/kWH respectively. With the introduction of Euro VI, it is expected to further reduce the level of NOx emission by 75% comparing to Euro V, which is 0.46g/kWH.

Q: Where will Bluetech AdBlue® be used?

A: Bluetech AdBlue® is used on trucks and buses equipped with SCR technology which are complied with Euro IV, EuroV and Euro VI emission standards.

Q: How much AdBlue® will I need?

A: It is estimated that on average the SCR consumption is approximately 4-5% of the diesel consumption for Euro IV vehicles and about 5-6% for Euro V vehicles.

Q: Is it okay to use urea water that does not have a VDA license?

A: Using urea water without a VDA license can damage the SCR system.
Also, SCR systems are expensive to repair and replace.
In addition, if the vehicle malfunctions due to the use of urea water that does not have a VDA license, it may not be covered by the vehicle manufacturer’s warranty, so before purchasing AdBlue, We recommend checking whether 
the AdBlue® manufacturer has valid VDA license. 

Q: Is it hazardous?

A: Bluetech AdBlue® is non-hazardous.

Q: Can I make my own AdBlue®?

A: For proper functioning of the SCR system, it requires using qualified SCR solution as it is a highly purity chemical solution. Our Bluetech AdBlue® is manufactured according to the quality standard ISO22241 and VDA approved,therefore we can provide high quality AdBlue® for you.

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